RFE: Op Create Dialog floating window additional functionalities

I have 2 suggestions on how to improve the Op Create Dialog, which often I find to be cumbersome.
(for anyone interested, Op Create Dialog is that window to select operators that appears when pressing ’ tab’ or double clicking while in editor mode)

My suggestions:
#1 when typing the name of a node, show all nodes with that name, regardless of the OP family.
For example, if I type ‘nul’ all the null nodes should appear, with their family colour, regardless if they are CHOP or SOP or TOP etc…

#2 when typing the name of an operator, give the option to navigate with cursor through the non-greyed out options to clearly select an operator, clearly highlighting the operator that we are about to select.
For example if I type ‘aud’ in CHOPs, several operators will be non-greyed out. If I press enter, by default TD will select the last audio operator (in this case audio stream out), which is very arbitrary.
It would be great if we could quickly select the operator that we intend to use by navigating using the cursor arrows, visually highlighting exactly (in bold? with a highlighted rectangle?) the operator that will be selected when pressing enter.

in other words, the current combination of keyboard shortcuts and mouse is very fatiguing and unnecessarily long! (ie press tab to open the op create dialog, then tab again to select the op family, then start to type the node name, after all this then use the mouse in case there is more than one operator with that name… and finally click…it’s a bit convoluted… times hundreds of times a day)



Both great suggestions. Improvements like these would pay dividends in the long run.

Reviving this because it’s a small change with big benefits for my wrist that is already suffering from RSI