RFE: OSC over tcp

OSC over tcp in compliance with OSC 1.1 would be handy
I currently need it for getting live feedback from qlab that is only sent over tcp

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Thanks. That’s an interesting enhancement and has been added to our database.

The closest right now would be to use the TCP/IP DAT, and manually parse the message stream.
A bit of work, as one would have to store partial results as bytes arrived.

The OSC In DAT does take an optional table of decimal bytes as well (one message per row), though I’m not sure how well that works for streaming data. It was intended to convert a static table to messages.

Perhaps the OSC In DAT could have a ‘Python Input’ mode where bytes are fed through a script in a callback: op(‘oscin1’).receiveBytes(…).
This would allow it input from Serial DAT, TCP/IP DAT, or any other generic streaming input.

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