RFE: palette Camera

  • please allow disabling the new RMB popup menu
  • in addition to Homeangle a Homeposition par would be appreciated
  • it would be great if there was an automatic way to update
  • It would also be nice if the joystick CHOP would be in warning state, as I’m not using a joystick and this will show up in my logs

Thanks for the suggestions.

  • there was meant to be a button to disable the menu and I’ll get that into the next update
  • the current custom home system was designed to frame the scene automatically from that angle which is why it didn’t have a specific position. but I can add an option to define a home position as well
  • the update problem is a much needed issue we’re trying to tackle for components in general, but I’ll see if there’s something we can do for the camera in the meantime because it has been changing a lot
  • I’m not as clear on the joystick request: you want an added warning message when there is no joystick connected?

Re joystick:

there was a typo. Should read:
if the joystick CHOP wouldn’t be in warning state, as I’m not using a joystick and this will show up in my logs

So if the joystick custom par isn’t enabled, the joystick CHOP itself should not get into a warning state and complain about missing joystick.

It’s not a big deal, but I’m trying to have clean (error DAT based) logs without any warnings that are irrelevant to the app I’m creating

Does that make more sense now?

yep, thanks for the clarification … that’s kind of what I was guessing, but I don’t actually get a warning on mine by default so I wanted to be sure.

Do you get a warning message when the joystick device is set to ‘Default’ or ‘3Dconnexion’? Currently I only see one if I pick one of the specific controller options e.g. Player 1 Controller, Player 2 Controller? Either way, I can get it to bypass the joystick when that mode is disabled which should hide the warning.

Here it happens either way. In the example joystick.toe (13.4 KB)
3DMouse page.Mouse3ddevice par is set to default. And Mouse3dactive is off

ok, thanks for example. It doesn’t produce an error on my machine (maybe I have something installed that affects it), but I’ll update the component to bypass that node when the mouse3dactive is off.