RFE: Panel COMP (OR Text TOP): Rotate 90°

IT would be awesome if there was an option on the Container Panel (or all panel COMPs) to just rotate the panel by 90 degrees in either direction and I guess also a full 180 while you’re at it. I don’t think we need increments between that, AKA same functionality at the Flip TOP.

I already do this sometimes with a rather convoluted internal flip TOP and referencing width in height and height in width, but it would be great if there was just a dropdown menu in Panel COMPs and or some toggles to do flipping and rotating. Maybe even separating the functionality of flipping the visuals and / or flipping the UV coordinates to match or not (may be useful to someone)

Short term, this could only be on the container and / or select COMPs so we can just reference / parent any other panel COMP that we need to flip, but long term it might be neat to have it on every user interface component.

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It’s a good RFE.
In the meantime, here are a couple of solutions suggested by other users:



Thanks, yeah that’s basically what I have been doing (though not as slick as Matthew’s), but after thinking about it, I almost want to change this to an RFE for a “Rotate / Flip Text” Parameter on the Text TOP as that would almost be more useful since it would just rotate the text and not mess with the aspect ratio or the horizontal / vertical sizes possibly swapping, which could be problematic in implementing this in the existing panel system.

Hey just bumping this since even with all the new fun stuff on the “Text” Panel COMP, there is STILL no way to rotate text :cry:

Which I find crazy, because there is a way to SHEAR the text and flip it backwards (stretch negative) but still no way to rotate it, even with all the advanced formatting / specification DAT stuff :sob:

Thanks for the bump on this. We did look into it a little further during the recent panel and text comp changes, but we haven’t settled on a solution or time frame to really work on it yet.

The Geo Text COMP has a lot of rotation options for it’s spec dat mode, so the shorter term solution will likely be improving feature parity there with the panel Text COMP.

General panel rotation would be really cool to have as well, but it raises some complications with panel interactions so that might be a longer term goal.

Yeah I would say that at the bare minimum, getting just the regular newer Panel Text COMP to be able to rotate similar to the Geo Text COMP (or even just in 90° increments like a flip Op) would be the most helpful in the short term, solely because text rotation is the ONLY thing that can not be ported over from the older, less efficient, method of using Text TOPs to make text for all the UI elements.

Every other functionality that I previously could do with Text TOP based Panel UI stuff at this point can be re-implemented using the new Slug GPU native Text COMP Panel UI methodology… - except for text rotation. And that is the last thing holding me back from porting all of my UI stuff over to the new Text COMP to improve performance and usability.

In the long term, a more generalized Panel rotation idea would be nice, but nothing is preventing us from implementing that in our own ways, as opposed to the text rotation thing which (short of rendering your entire UI with 3D Geometry and renderpick) is preventing specific capabilities that used to be achievable in the older Panel COMPs.


or a toggle to render the text vertecaly