RFE: Panel COMP (OR Text TOP): Rotate 90°

IT would be awesome if there was an option on the Container Panel (or all panel COMPs) to just rotate the panel by 90 degrees in either direction and I guess also a full 180 while you’re at it. I don’t think we need increments between that, AKA same functionality at the Flip TOP.

I already do this sometimes with a rather convoluted internal flip TOP and referencing width in height and height in width, but it would be great if there was just a dropdown menu in Panel COMPs and or some toggles to do flipping and rotating. Maybe even separating the functionality of flipping the visuals and / or flipping the UV coordinates to match or not (may be useful to someone)

Short term, this could only be on the container and / or select COMPs so we can just reference / parent any other panel COMP that we need to flip, but long term it might be neat to have it on every user interface component.

It’s a good RFE.
In the meantime, here are a couple of solutions suggested by other users:



Thanks, yeah that’s basically what I have been doing (though not as slick as Matthew’s), but after thinking about it, I almost want to change this to an RFE for a “Rotate / Flip Text” Parameter on the Text TOP as that would almost be more useful since it would just rotate the text and not mess with the aspect ratio or the horizontal / vertical sizes possibly swapping, which could be problematic in implementing this in the existing panel system.