RFE: Parameter Increment using Keyboard and/or Mousewheel

The value ladder is great. I use it all the time.

But sometimes I really miss the ability that some other apps offer, which is to increment parameter values with the keyboard or mouse wheel, for two reasons: feedback and accessibility

  1. The value ladder doesn’t offer any feedback if you’re looking away from it, which I often am if it’s something that affects a TOP/Geo/Render/etc. This would be solved if, while clicked into a float/integer parameter, you could press arrow up/down or mousewheel up/down and see the value change with the tactile feedback that the keyboard/wheel offers.

  2. Accessibility-wise, the value ladder requires a somewhat steady hand. I have a disorder called essential tremor in my mouse-using hand, and when it’s particularly bad, the value ladder can be difficult to use. I have no such difficulty in apps that allow me to mouse-wheel or arrow-key increment values. In the use case of needing to increment by a value other than an integer, some apps offer the use of modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) to increment in smaller/bigger steps.


I’ve got a hack for you we can can chat about next time we rap, but basically you could setup a keyboard in DAT that is listening for your arrow keys, and trying to call ui.rolloverpar

On up arrow if ui.rollover != None, ui.rolloverpar = ui.rolloverpar.val +1 etc., With shift/alt/ctrl modifiers for value resolution should do what you want it to.

I’ve already got some helper utilities that can fast track this sort of thing

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