RFE: Parameters > a Toggle to 'show all tabs at once'

TL;DR: Let’s have a toggle to show all parameters in a single tab, stacked, with headings for each section (formerly tab).

Long version:

The ‘Non-Default Parameters Only’ toggle teases us of the possibility of not having to click through tabs, because when showing non-default parameters, it places them all in one un-tabbed stack.

Here’s the trigger ops parameters all stacked:

It’s not too bad, and the parameters panes already have scrollbars for when they’re too tall.

On a 4k display, there’s potentially plenty of room for sometimes showing all parameters at once:

I don’t like clicking between tabs if I don’t have to, so exposing them all in a single stack would avoid that.

Like the ‘non default’ toggle, the ‘stack all’ would be a toggle, to be used when it makes sense. The trigger op is one example, for me, where I’m often jumping between tabs as I fine-tune the ASDR, and I wish I could just see all the durations at once. But there are many other scenarios where it would be useful.

Anyone else?


Bonus request: make the stacked sections collapsible by clicking on their headings.

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Yep, I also prefer scrolling, this would be nice!


@lucasm has a component called ubergui that works like this, and renders everything in a website, so its super performant. I hacked together a fork that collapses headers like this, but having this functionality natively would be nice.

In general, more page based options would be nice… filter by page in pars chop/dat, a hidden attribute to allow a list of pages to be displayed, maybe a page attribute for parameters to avoid a bunch of list comprehension to filter by page. There are a few other threads asking for some of these functionalities, +1 for page overhaul


Bonus suggestion #2: ability to ‘star’ parameters and then have a Favorite Parameters tab.

For some OPs, I use only 10% of parameters 90% of the time, but they’re spread across multiple tabs usually. This would potentially save billions of clicks (give or take) over the long run.


I personally feel like Houdini has great solution for working with tabs (when it comes to parameters) and therefore wanted to let you know about it.

Houdini gives user option of adding “Folders” in which they could place parameters. Each folder could have specific Type that determines its functionality and look. Here are examples of some of the Folder Types:

Simple (Transform Folder is set to simple)


Borderless (Transform Folder isn’t visible, it is only used in terms of parameter organization on left)


Multiparm (It also allows for creating arrays of parameters contained within this Folder)

With this setup user can create parameters just the way he wants. One Folder could be collapsible, inside of that folder could be another set of Folders set to tabs, etc. I feel like this concept is great and very flexible. It would be amazing to have something like that in TD :slight_smile:

Secondly they make edited parameters bold which gives user fast overview of what parameters have non-default values. Also tabs with such parameters are bold - making it really fast to track down which areas user might want to look at.
For example by looking at following image, I could right away see that Override Camera Resolution parameter was changed and that Images / Extra Image Planes & Rendering tabs contain some edited parameter(s).

Even though I like that circle button (in top right) that makes Touchdesigner show only parameters with non-default values, I sometimes get confused when tons of parameters get out of their tabs into this long list of non-default parameters. I think non-default parameters & tabs with bold font would greatly improve component readability while retaining parameters in their original positions.