RFE: Quick way to insert header row into a FIFO

I’m wondering if the only way to insert a ‘header row’ into a FIFO is using a script, or if there’s some other more streamlined method? The use case is when you have the Keep First Row turned on on the FIFO, which implies there are column names supposed to be kept.

If not, I’m thinking it would be cool to have a new parameter on FIFO that looks like this:


I mocked up an ‘Insert Contents’ parameter pair at the bottom, where you would just separate the header names with spaces (a la Insert DAT), and use quotes if you want to keep the space. Then Pulse would add the row. This would save the trouble of having to make an .appendRow script. Thoughts?

I usually default to using a TableDAT and a MergeDAT to perform this function, either before the FIFO or after it, depending on your needs. Inserting contents like you suggest seems to be opposed to the way that most DATs want to function or be used.

But the FIFO doesn’t have inputs

then what’s the point of the ‘keep first row’ par on the FIFO?

Just merge a Table DAT after the FIFO.

Different use case. I’m talking about when the ‘keep first row’ parameter is enabled on the FIFO.

The purpose was to capture a first event, even if a large number of events come in. Not mega-useful but that was it. It wasn’t to insert headers, Why does the FIFO DAT itself need a header? Not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

Thanks Greg, that answers my ponderings. I use many FIFOs as a log of trigger events, which I was then referencing/selecting using header names down the line. I interpreted the intention of ‘keep first row’ to be analogous to ‘include first row’ in Select DATs for example, but I see now that they’re differently minded.