RFE: rename outgoing channel in Math and Shuffle CHOPs

Often the Math and Shuffle CHOPs will get many channels and combine them down to one with some operation. It would be nice if we could, in the “Common” tab or something, choose new channel name(s) based on what that OP just did, rather than just the first channel’s name plus a 1, especially if the new data is not represented well by either of the original channels’ names. Similar to functionality Select CHOP has.


@greg @JetXS @snaut not sure who I dare to ping, but I’m bumping this because it would be soooo helpful, especially in trying to train people, as everyone is super worried about the names of the channels not being right (as if the channel names actually defined what they do) so it helps the OCD - and to better convey the intent of what operations are happening to other programmers who may stumble upon our sphagettis.

Look at all the important people that liked the original post! :sweat_smile:

Also while we’re at it, settings on the Shuffle CHOP for output channel extend conditions… OR have the extend conditions going into the Shuffle CHOP pass through to the new channels that have been created.

Basically similar to the “Channel” parameter page that some other CHOPs have (like Pattern CHOP), though I realize that those other CHOPs are ones that create channels out of thin air.

Hi @Peeet,

we are noting this as an RFE just not sure if duplicating functionality of the Rename CHOP on a number of operators will get traction.

The Shuffle’s Extend behavior I’ll move into bugs - thinking this should always inherit the input’s Extend settings.


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