RFE: "RGBA Units" parameter in CHOPto TOP just like TOPto CHOP?

Hey I was wondering if it would be possible to get an “RGBA Units” parameter to select what range the incoming CHOP data represents just like there is one for outgoing CHOP data in the TOPto CHOP.

This would make (unadvisedly) going back and forth between CHOP land and TOP land a little easier, but also, more advisedly, dealing with ie DMX data that needs to be rendered as pixels much easier. I always try to get stuff like that into TOP / GPU land as quickly as possible and this would almost allow direct from DMX IN to TOP for further processing with things like the Math TOP, remap, and such.

Also a way to choose maybe “Color per Sample” instead of the default “Color per Channel” might be nice, for those confusing times when I have a bunch of serialized RGB values to unpack and end up dropping in a shuffle CHOP that I choose the wrong setting on and crash my machine. :slight_smile:

Someday, I will instinctively know which Shuffle CHOP setting is needed for each situation and not just blindly flip through all of them until the data looks right…