RFE: select DAT evaluate as if at selected location

I often run into the situation where I don’t wanna evaluate local variables directly inside a component, instead I wanna select DAT the variables DAT into a different network and evaluate the variables there. But then stuff like path variables are not valid.

So I wanna RFE an option for the select DAT to evaluated variables at the location from where the data is selected. Makes sense?

Or just that touch always/automatically evaluates all local variables in the variables DAT , without the need for an extra evaluate DAT which will also break the per variable cooking.


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+1 Finding myself wishing for the same thing

TScript? example?

Rereading this, what I actually want is the ability for an evaluateDAT to evaluate from a different location. In my case, I’d like to make an evalDAT that runs from ui.panes.current.owner

Basicly the behaviuor you get when setting the fromOP argument on the run method, but instead defined as a parameter for the evalDAT.
If available, me would basicly evaluate to the value of the parameter instead of the DAT itself.

Exactly. I’m faking it using a parexec and run method with fromOP, but if evalDAT had this option it would be cleaner and more optimized