RFE: Set defaults for Annotate boxes (pseudo 'style')

Firstly, I am :ribbon: ๐ฟ :heart: ๐’ฑ ๐ผ ๐’ฉ ๐’ข :ribbon: this new feature, and itโ€™s already making my life so much better.

As I use it, on day 2 now, Iโ€™m wishing I could set all newly created Annotate boxes to follow some defaults that are different from current when created with Alt+RMB Drag:

  • Start typing into body text, not title text upon creation
  • Body text size set to something like 60

Reason for proposing this is because Annotate boxes are more โ€˜to tasteโ€™ and I imagine other people would like to be able to set a โ€˜styleโ€™ that suits them, since annotate boxes affect UX for yourself/others. In my case, I zoom out a lot because I have Mouse Wheel Navigation disabled in preferences, so I often need to see the annotation body text from far away:

I know of a hacky way to set default font size, but this RFE is for making something official.

Finding myself wishing I could set:

  • default title text (including setting default to be blank like the body text)
  • default title height

Quick hack, Annotates are nodes, so you can stash one with your settings in the palette and just quick drag it in anytime you want a new one. Not so bad if you always have the palette open.