RFE - SOP lookup with TOPs and CHOPs

The context for this request is that I love using the eval() method for primitives. To me, this feels like a little known superpower for the SOP class - the abililty to pass a UV and return a position on the surface of a SOP has lots of really exciting applications for all sorts of applications.

I’ve had lots of good luck working with a script CHOP, SOP, and TOP operators for this kind of solution, but I’d love a native operator approach similar to the TOP to CHOP approach that can accept a uv coordinate and return positions.

Example solution with a script CHOP:
move-on-surface.toe (17.5 KB)

The correct operation of this example is limited to SOPs that are only one primitive.

I can see this most immediately as a SOP to TOP operator - without an input this would return a square texture packed with vertices, an optional input would accept uv coords and return positions similar to the eval() solution for the prims class.