RFE: support popmenu, color pickers, file browsing without exiting exclusive mode

I’m running into the issues reported here

all the time now.

  • picking a color in a RGB color type parameters
  • using popmenu
  • ui.choosefile

all kick me out of exclusive mode. Not using exclusive mode is not an option due to the random unexplained frame drops. And (dynamically) creating widgets is too slow for my usecase.

Therefore I’d like to RFE a solution to this problem.

Not sure how that that suggested Overlay COMP is supposed to work, but it would be great if we could optionally supply a panel that would be shown instead of the “native” dialog. In case of a RGB color type parameters we could then (optimally) supply our own color picker. And In case of a folder reference parameter we could then supply our own browser. This way we would have the best of both worlds. A fast UI for all the basics, and some customizability where it matters

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I, too, run into this all the time. Ended up ditching popMenu on one of my latest projects in favour of a totally custom solution as it’s a bit jarring to get the black frame flash when entering/exiting exclusive mode while a user “uses the app normally” (accesses popMenu, loads a file, picks a colour, etc.)

Please, please, please, just the ability to change the font, size and colour of the default menu elements (like we have in parameters/parameter viewers), would do wonders for our custom UI needs, especially when we’re under tight turnarounds.


more cases where we get thrown out of exclusive mode:

  • cameraViewport palette comp: when RMB panning
  • Widgets: using a dropMenu, …

This is becoming a huge problem for us, as this forces us to re-create a lot of the core UI functionality that TD offers. And that is not a viable option, as its way to resource intensive.