RFE: Two Palette improvements

1 - Ability to rename the items in the Palette directly from the sidebar (ie. right click > rename)

2 - I just noticed that all the Palettes I’ve deleted via sidebar are still in the Palette folder.

[edit: confirmed by Pete] I assume this means that if I ever right click My Components and select ‘Refresh Folder’ that the many deleted items will re-appear in my Palette. If I’m wrong about this, that voids this second RFE. I’m not going to test it, because I have many .toxs in that folder which I do not want to re-appear in my Palette. But if I’m right,

would it make sense to make TD move deleted Palettes to a /deleted/ subfolder of the Palette folder when they’re “deleted” in the Palette right click menu, so as to avoid deleted Palettes being re-introduced upon refreshing the folder? It would also just be cleaner in terms of underlying file organization.

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Yes, can confirm: clicking refresh will re-populate with all the tox files in that folder in your filesystem even if you have previously “deleted” them by choosing “Delete” from the right-click menu in TD.

All “deleting” really does from within the UI is remove that tox’s entry from the “paletteData.json” file at the top of your Palette folder, and refreshing just repopulates that part of the json with whatever tox file happen to be in there.

Pretty rudimentary, and I don’t think the Palette has seen much of any dev / update love in years, but hopefully the fact that we’ve seen some QOL improvements from all the comment / annotation boxes being added to the editor UI is a sign that maybe a Palette overhaul is in the works :slight_smile:

yeah, I’ve wanted this for a minute. its upsetting when you think you delete something but then its still there and your replacements increment. I know TD doesn’t want to do anything destructive on the file system, but maybe with a confirm dialog we can make it destructive