RFE: ui.rolloverPanel attribute as Python alternative to T Script $GADGET_INSIDE

I’ve been looking for a way to get the current rolloverPanel system wide from any arbitrary UI element, and realized this was possible through the F10 hotkey. Some digging around /sys/local/macros led me to the Tscript command $GADGET_INSIDE, which when I throw in an evalDAT gets me what I want.

My question is if there is a dependable way to call this in python, or if there is a supported method for executing TSCRIPT from within a python script so that I can access that information handily. thanks!

edit: amending this to an RFE for a dependable ui.rolloverPanel method, i think that’s ultimately the most useful solve for my problem. similarly, $GADGET_SELECT and $OP_SELECT methods would be helpful