RFE: Unreal engine render TOP(or another high end renderer)

As TouchDesigner will likely not be able to keep up with the features and image quality of modern engines like Unreal engine, I though it might be time to discuss if its possible to “completely/tightly” integrate an external render engine into TouchDesigner. The other players are doing the same:

Off the top of my head I am thinking about an unreal render TOP, that (as far as possible) works the same as the native render TOP. I can imagine we would also need a family of Unreal (Geo, Camera, Light, MAT) OPs that “just” collect and pass parameters/data to the matching objects inside Unreal engine. And of course a clever way to control post effects.

Anyways, looking forward to hear other peoples thoughts


This would be great! But if you need something that looks prettier now, check out the NotchTOP. The licensing is definitely complicated and expensive compared to Unreal, but Notch blocks pair nicely with TouchDesigner media servers as their features complement each other quite nicely. And it is fast to develop nice looks in Notch.

Also, there’s a Spout plugin for unreal. Not as nice as native integration, but for 80% of use cases it should be fine.

TD definetly needs better quality rendering with or without unreal integration.

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There is a NDI plugin on NDI internet site for unreal engine.
I tested it and use it with Resolume, that works great.
Did not test TD but no reason…

Better resolutions and more possibility than Spout i think. And i tried Spout with unreal with no succes on the 4.26, the free plugin in marketplace do not send images and crashes unreal when i change settings…

Personaly I use Unity (I prefer it, but taste and colors…) with OSC (uniOSC package) from TD to Unity and Spout (KlakSpout package) from Unity to TD. Very stable and easy to use. I tried Unreal but found OSC and Spout not so easy to use. Now with Bolt inside Unity I doesnt found Blueprint son great.