RFE: Way to clear File In DAT cache

EDIT: Changed this to an RFE:

There should be a way to easily clear the cache of a File In DAT

I’m trying to use the File In DAT to get an almost-live version of my Google Sheets spreadsheet which I have published publicly as a TSV at a URL with this format:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/<mykey>/pub?gid=0&single=true&output=tsv where is a long string of misc characters.

When I download that TSV via Chrome at that URL, it will give me a pretty recent version of the spreadsheet over time if I make changes to the spreadsheet via Google Sheets. Not quite real-time, but it does update the contents at the same URL.

However, when I use a File In DAT and feed it the same URL, it never updates the contents and is using the old contents it first fetched. No amount of pressing ‘refresh’ in the File In DAT’s parameters will refresh it. Even making a new File In DAT will show the old original contents. So I’m wondering if it’s caching the data of that URL somewhere internally? I don’t see a toggle… And looks like there’s been one other mention of this issue.

To reproduce, here’s how you can publish a google sheet as a csv:


and then


Can anyone get their Filein DAT to refresh a web tsv/csv?

Your are correct, it will download the file to a local directory. I suppose it is generating a hash out of the name so that it can look it up in the other files. that is an expected behavior as normally a file is static in most cases
Imagine if the mowieFileInDAT would re-download the files every time.
Just use the webclientDAT instead. This is made for dynamic querieng and reloading.

I am using a Web Client DAT now, but the issue that I’m pointing out is that hitting ‘Refresh’ on File In DAT does not do what it purports to. In testing environments, you should be able to clear caches on demand.

Being able to clear the cash is a totaly differrent thing and an absolute valid RFE with a +1 from me.
But in regards to the FileInDAT I still say that the cashing-behaviour displayed is as intendet. What you are asking for is exactly what the webClientDAT is there for.

You can find the cash-files under, but it is not really clear how the names ge created, so at least being able to access the cashed-file of any In-Operator would def be nice.