RFE: Webserver DAT onWebsocketReceive* callbacks, pass URI parameter

It would be amazing to see the Webserver DAT’s websocket callbacks (onWebsocketReceive Text/Binary/Ping/Pong) also include the URI these were received on.

This would make message “routing” to handlers much easier, without having to track connected clients

currently they look like:

def onWebSocketReceiveText(webServerDAT, client, data):

To maintain compatibility, this could be as follows, however the parameter order is a bit jank:

def onWebSocketReceiveText(webServerDAT, client, data, uri):

This would be better, but breaks backwards compatibility:

def onWebSocketReceiveText(webServerDAT, info, data):
	# either a dict or an object.
	# info = {
	#	'client': currently what client is
	#	'uri: uri client connected on
	#	not sure if there are other pertinent parameters for a client?
	# }

Perhaps there could be a depreciation period, where there is a “Use Depreciated Callbacks” toggle on the Webserver DAT