RGB options not available in Point file select TOP

I am using 3 point file selects to get xyz, rotation, and rgb data from my point file in TOP but when I’ve set up my 3rd point file select TOP, under Red, Green, and Blue, the dropdown display does not show r, g, or b. Is this a Mac thing? Honestly quite lost

Do any of your Point File Select TOPs have R G or B in them? Seems like your file may contain X Y Z Nx Ny Nz and 2 extra channels s and t, often used for texture coordinates. What file format is your source file? Do you see R G and B in that file, assuming it’s ASCII. My guess is you were using a bunch of points plus a texture map, and the color was obtained with a lookup using s and t.

By the way, adding Fit TOPs to TOPs containing point clouds is not advised - it means you will be blending points together or turning single points into multiple points - each pixel is a point.

Hey this was a problem with the vertex colors actually, fixed it in Meshlab. Thanks for the suggestions!

hi I have the same problem as you, how did you solve it

This tutorial here needs to be followed all the way, it includes using meshlab to get vector color data on to the model as well because the texture beforehand is only a regular image