Right click on any parameter to add to parent as custom parameter

Currently the fastest way to add a parameter to its parent container operator is to right click in the network, go to ‘customize parent component’ wait for the editor to show up, and drag the parameter into the editor window.

This gets tedious quite quickly if you’re dealing with a range of operators you want to set up and it requires you to go back and forth. Especially if the place you want to add the parameter isn’t just the parent op.

My suggestion looks like this:

Screenshot 2023-11-17 111625

You can simply right click on any parameter. Then you will have two options, you can click ‘add parameter to parent’ or you can click ‘add parameter to …’ which shows a dropdown with operators that have a shortcut added to their common settings (parent/iop/global).

Once you have clicked where you want the parameter to go. The parameter automatically has a custom name which is the name of the operator you get the parameter from + the parameter name. Assigned as a python expression.

This simple option will make it so much quicker to promote parameters, especially if you just quickly want to expose a bunch of them, and worry about designing their layout in the parameter window at a later point.

Potentially you could even use this method to quickly assign to a parameter page as well.

What do you think?


Yes I like that this would give you options on how you want to reference, however I use Binds frequently, so would be great if there would be a way to accommodate for that.

Also in the same vein, just dragging a parameter onto a COMP Parameter window could do wonders. Until then I can suggest dragging the parameters onto the rightmost icon on my toolbar for a quick par promotion