"Right Side Up" ArcBall Camera COMP

I have always been a bit off put by the arcball’s ability to rotate around it’s local Z axis, and with my own viewport interaction heavy programming a reusable component made sense personally, so thought I’d get it out there for others to make use of.

The main benefits of this component are:

  1. Camera will stay “right side up”, which if you’ve used any cad or animation software, is typically how cameras are setup.
  2. you can fade between orthographic and perspective at any time, and the transition will be fluid and comparable to each other.
  3. You can choose from a variety of modifier keys(on,off,shift,ctrl,alt) for each of the 3 interaction types (orbit,pan,dolly) allowing you to disable or enable certain camera controls, or make them only accessible if a modifier key was held down on click.