Ripples over TOP

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has any advice (or maybe even a tutorial) on how to make a filter or something that makes ripples of water over an existing file in TOP. I was hoping to hook it up to a mic and make it audio reactive too:)

My caffeine just kicked in, so I gave it a shot:


ripple-audio-test.toe (5.6 KB)

Press the button to play the audio, and then see the ripple in the final TOP.

If you want a more direct relationship between the audio and the ripple, you could instead use the Analyze CHOP to get the average, Filter CHOP on One Euro setting to smooth it out, and then feed that directly into the Circle TOP color.

You can play with the Displace TOP to make the warping stronger. You can play with the Transform TOP to change the speed of the waves.

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Amazing! Thanks