Rotation tool doesn't work in viewport

Both in camera comp and geometry comp, i go to viewport and want to rotate\scale, it doesn’t work neither with mouse nor with manually adjusting scale\rotate parameters. only translating works. please help

Have you turned on the yellow button (pickable) at the bottom right of Camera COMP?

I don’t understand what you mean by rotating and scaling ‘inside the node viewers’ as that is not supported in any 3D node viewer (nor is translate). If you want to interactively use translate, rotate, scale, you need to use the 3D Viewer pane.

Could you explain what you are trying to do in screenshots or video? Here’s my video of it working in 3D viewer.

try activatinf viewport… press H and then num 2 on keyboard. This should resolve the issue… if i understood correctly…

Oh yeah, good call @rhesus3000, if a viewer is in one of the Orthographic modes then “2” will jump it back to a perspective view.

thank a lot guys everything is okay now!