Rouge Platform

Rouge is a live visuals platform and TouchDesigner programming framework that works out of the box for video performance and makes it simple to build and share your own FX and realtime 3d compositions. Now in 088:

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This is looking rather lovely, I’ll have to have a play this weekend :smiley:

Hi There,
I just cant figure out how I can assign video files to my edited kantan mapper composition within Rouge!

When I open this in 088 it gives me this dialog box

and then no matter which button I click I get a program window missing all sliders

what am I doing stupid here :blush:

Hi gltz, it’s easier than you think: in edit mode, click on a TOP and drag it to the surface you want textured in your Kantan edit window.

najrock, Rouge is currently only supported in 077. If you have an 088 license you therefore also have a 077 license, just install the most recent version and open Rouge with 077. :wink:

Hi Mary!
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Now I have another question… When I try to edit or create a composition and I hit save, it seems nothing is happening. Also when I open Rouge again I wouldn’t see something new in the drop down menu below the audio controls.
Am I doing something wrong?

It’s really important that all of your folders and files remain in the same relationship that they have to start. That is, you must be running the composition editor out of the Rouge folder, have extracted all of your files, have your Composition folder in the Rouge folder, etc. When you edit your composition and click save, you should see a new tox file appear in your composition folder. Then, when you re-open Rouge or hit the Repop button at the bottom left of the screen, you should get the new composition in your drop-down menu.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your reply! I totally understand and I just left anything as is in the Rouge folder but still no new .tox file will appear.
:frowning: I’ll try on another pc, maybe my os installation is buggy…

That’s odd. You can also right click on the composition and save it as a tox file, not a big deal. The save button just makes that a little simpler.

I’m new to TD but Rouge is really great.
I love the simple way to start with.
I’ll have a look to start controlling it with an Apc40 and/or with an MPK Mini.

Because a want to go fast (as always), I would like to know if its possible to create for one of the layer, something like a pictures loader/slide show? This would be great to get nice background filled with random content.

I would like to use it for familly party, birthday and following by dancing stuff like vjing.

You did a great job Mary :sunglasses:

Hi Mary,

Another reply from me.
When I Enable Output the UI is only displayed on the Main monitor.
It looks like the projector is not recognized…
I see some comments regarding touchdeigner with performance mode etc…
How do I change the settings to setup the projector correctly?

Is it possible to do these kind of things only with the Player? or do I have to buy a full license of TD?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi Mary,

Thanks for sharing, gives a cool example of how to do a nice interface and keep things modular :slight_smile:


Hi Psy,
You’ll have to do a little chop programming but nothing major. I haven’t made a tutorial for that yet but I will soon.

It’s not really set up for this, but you could make a hack. You will have to do some programming. The easiest approach would be by creating a filter that instead of filtering actually replaces the content with your slideshow. To make a slideshow, put the path to a folder of pictures in a MovieIn’s file parameter.

This is a Windows thing that you are going to have to sort out on your own, but it sounds like perhaps your displays are not arranged right for Rouge. The projector should be to the right of your main monitor. Good luck!

Hello, also I am having trouble saving my compositions.
I’m using TD ja 077 reinstalled to see if the problem was not that and nothing.
I can not save anything, tried by the method that you mentioned, by clicking the second button in the composition and saving in the compositions more when I open in Rouge only appears a black screen.
Maybe it’s my version of Touch 077 Designer???
Any suggestions for my problem?

Hello Mary, a problem I had is that I can only see the screen output on the projector when I am running the Rouge by Touch Designer.
When I run the Rouge by Touch Player nothing happens on the projector, the screen stays exposed along with the rouge on the computer screen and the projector this with the extended screen beside the desktop shows nothing beyond the extent of the work. Can you give me some hint to solve this problem the Touch Player?
And when I run the Rouge by Touch Designer I can not add any external media, is this normal?
I am running with Touch Designer 077.

Thank you.

Hi Adriano,

For saving the compositions, if you are saving by right-clicking, be sure you are saving the .tox files in the Compositions folder. Make sure that you have extracted the files so that the file paths all work.

As for setting up your windows, I don’t have a clear idea of what you are describing. Maybe you can upload a photo? Maybe you need to disable output, then set up your displays, then Enable Output. Make sure that your projector is arranged to the right of your main display and that your resolutions have been entered correctly in your Output Configuration.

To add photos and videos, just drag and drop them in the MovieBin. You won’t be able to add file types and codecs that are incompatible with TouchDesigner, like ProRes. Try some different file types.

I have been working with Rouge in 088 and almost everything is working as expected. I have found a couple of filters not to behave the same, and a few of cyberpatrolunit’s excellent filters from here: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4753 aren’t working, namely cache_glitch and black_strobe.

But here is the .toe file for those onto 088! :smiley:

Now here

Hello Mary

Thanks for sharing such a cool application. I am having an issue with Rouge on 088, when i click enable output it closes TD immediately. Am i to assume it does not work properly with 088? I tested Mixxa with 088 and my second monitor works immediately. Is this a known bug/error? I will install 077 and see if the behavior is the same but i wanted to share this if in fact there might be a work around.



Here is the same thing - when i open Rouge in 088 (the ben’s file also) and try to change the resolution of Monitor X or Projector X, or to enable output at 1280x720, it closes immediately. Looks like the compositions and the effects are working good and fast (088 is faster and more optimized than 077, i guess). So, it will be great to try Rouge in the new build, and of course, thank you very much for this appreciable visual mixer! Looking forward to play with it more…