Rouge Shared Filters

Share your Rouge-compatible filters here.

Here are some more filters to add to your Rouge setup …
edge_strobe.tox (1.69 KB)
displace.tox (1.97 KB)
color_bloom.tox (2.08 KB)
black_strobe.tox (1.81 KB)
cache_glitch.tox (2.09 KB)

extract_corner.tox (2.77 KB)
transform_tile.tox (2.25 KB)
tunnel_top.tox (2.15 KB)

And three more !

tile.tox (1.59 KB)

hue.tox (1.44 KB)

Here are some more filters I ported over from the standard image filter components that are included with Touch.

RadialBlur.tox (3.01 KB)

ShredPixel.tox (3.12 KB)

Solarize.tox (2.09 KB)

SolarizeAudio.tox (2.1 KB)

Twirl.tox (2.94 KB)