Rouge vs. OS X

Hi guys.

I really want to try Rouge but I’m working in a Mac. In Mary Franck´s site says that I have to install Windows via Bootcamp because other Windows emulators will not work and doesn’t work with OS X. Does anyone did this? It is worth it installs Windows or will kill my computer performance?

Do anyone knows another TouchDesigner Performance Interfaces similar to Rouge that run in OS X? I tried TouchMixerII but you cannot find much information about it…

Thank u for any help in advance.

Looks like Rouge was made before TouchDesigner was ported to macOS. I’d definitely try it on macOS before installing windows. There may be differences in behaviour due to Rouge being made in 088 and TouchDesigner only runs on macOS in 099, as well as limitations and known issues on macOS, which can be found here:

You might also want to check out Mixxa:

I will definitely try it! Mixxa seems a good option too because have a lot of information and as a beginner I will need it.

Thank you a lot! :smiley: