RTXA4000 with RTX3070

I am getting an RTX A4000 (nvida seem to be dropping the Quadro brand name) and I will be installing it in my system alongside an RTX 3070.

I will be switching between the GPUs for different apps. The nVidia Studio driver is compatible with both cards so I shouldn’t need to worry about the driver hopefully. The 16GB A4000 is said to be similar to the RTX3070 ti but with lower power consumption. I guess I will find out how the performance compares to the Geforce RTX3070 in Touch but I wondered if Touch can combine these GPUs somehow in the same instance or if not can I combine them with two instances reliably? Or any workflows which this setu could take advantage of? :slight_smile:

For sure read up on the multi-GPU article on the wiki:


Quick answer - no. Combining a consumer card and a quadro won’t give you much advantage here.

Again - no, sadly. Quadro cards allow you the ability to bind a process to a specific card - so you could run your UI on one card, and your outputs on another. To my knowledge you can’t mix and match this with quadro and non-quadro cards.

Thanks Matthew, Yeah I will have to experiment with my setup and see what I can do with it. I’ve had quadro and geforce in the same system before and it’s always been tricky because they used to need different drivers. But now that I can run them both with the same studio driver it’s potentially useful and even if I can’t take advantage with multiple TD instances maybe I can use TD with RTXA4000 and use my Geforce RTX 3070 with Resolume and combine them that way… :slight_smile:

thanks for the awesome information.