Run interactive Watersimulation in a wall-mounted picture frame

I am a total newbie and have just really started trying to understand the vast TD concepts. Great opportunities, just fantastic! I have this idea of building a wall-mounted picture-frame like installation that enables the user to interact with a realistic water simulation running in that picture frame. So, I guess that is probably relatively easily possible with TD. However, I would like to avoid having to equip the picture frame with a full blown PC in the back but rather install a Raspberry Pi (or similar) and run that sim (Touchplayer ?) standalone from there. I also would like to include some sensors that measure and can process user proximity, light strength, maybe sound, and of course user interaction with gestures (Kinect or similar). How does that sound ? Doable ? Or am I completely missing the point here ?
Thanks a lot for your advice!

See the minimal system requirements, raspberry pi is not capable to run TD

Apart from that, for a realistic realtime interactive simulation you’ll need a beefy CPU and GPU.

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