Running Channel of timer in Segments

When using parralelmode for segments in timer, I need to have a way of knowing when the segment is active and when not.
I though about using the “running” channel, but this one turns on the moment the timer starts for all segments.
It would be nice if the running channel would only turn on when the segment is actually running.

Hallo @alphamoonbase! Post an example toe with more info about the specific thing you want to know?

Sorry, forgot about that.

A better example image first

An the examplefile second
TimerRunningstate.toe (4.8 KB)

It seems that the delay of “Begin” of a segment accounts for the subtimer to be “running”, even though it is not.
When it reaches it end it will jump to 0 though, which is nice. So a combination of delayFraction and running can give the correct state.
TimerRunningstateConzept.toe (4.9 KB)

Cool, so you are sorted functionally?

Now that we know how to get it working, do you have an RFE to make this easier? Interested in how you’d find it easiest to work.

I have a workaround but wuld like the behaviour to be natively.
In my efinition, a sgment is not actually running while its delay is still counting down,
My workaround also need the first sement to have a delay/begin set. If the first segment does not have one, the delay channel will always stay 0 and my workaround does nt register it as running.

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Yep makes sense. I’ll put in an RFE