Samchillian MIDI keyboard layout based on increments or intervals instead of fixed notes

Recently discovered the concept of the Samchillian in which each key augments or diminishes fixed intervals by semitones.

Samchillian.toe (7.3 KB)

Here’s it in action, chromatic output (I recommend to quantise the input on your DAW, or if it’s going to hardware, do it on TD).

It’s very fun! You play + transpose at the same time, meaning a ±5 is more than enough to play all the range.

Currently duophonic, adding voices is copy/paste and some name changes basically, but I find two voices already mind bending, it’s quite hard to keep track with each voice having individual increments. The second voice can only be accessed when the first is played (duh), meaning the timing when playing two notes at the same time is VERY relevant. I’ll add more voices for fun but that’d be me just hitting keys randomly, quantised to a scale ofc.

There’s also a reset button to bring all the voices back to the middle, no sound.

It’s based on the Sensel Morph, it should be 1:1 with the Buchla layout (middle row + bottom middle for reset). If anyone want to use it with other MIDI controllers / keyboards, the input values are not chromatic so that’d need to be tweaked.