Sample 2 - curves - PBR - mesh - 2020-05-28 12:37

Sample 2 - curves - PBR - mesh

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This looks like an interesting project. It’s billed as a Beginner level piece of work. And yet, out of the box, it doesn’t work. Why? Because there are a bunch of resources that are absent from the download.
Am I missing something, somewhere? Perhaps there’s another page with more info than the one with the screen shots of the enticing figures?

Hello. Please be specific if you want to say that something doesn’t work.
All files or objects is Lock that prevent to be missing from the project and it can be open from another place and it works.
If you Unlock each node then yes it will stop work.

Thank you for responding. Finally. I’m sitting here in front of TouchDesigner. I’ve opened this TOE as a beginner and I’m none the wiser. Aside from the frame counter going around and around, nothing is happening. The containers are blank, black boxes. What’s the logical thing to do? Open or dive. You’re, I think, telling me that breaks the patch. You can’t just provide these things without any instructions along with a very cryptic description of the functionality. So the question remains: how do I make this thing work such that I can actually see the images you show in the post? That’s the first step to this being useful to me. As it is now, it’s not.

I think I know what’s happening. On each of the components, there is a ‘black X’ which is the cooking flag for that component. When this is on nothing happens in the component, so its black. If you click that flag and you should see the component pop to life.

Don’t worry about it, these flags aren’t used very often so they are easy to miss!

You can go inside and edit things without worrying, please do and learn from these techniques. What Jen was referring to was the “Lock Flags” on some of the operators inside. Don’t turn those off because then the data that is “locked” in there will disappear.
You can read more about flags and find out what they all do here: