Save undo/redo history with project file

Would like to start creating some TouchDesigner tutorials.
The process i had in mind is as follows:

  1. First let the creativity flow and just come up with a nice network of nodes doing something cool/beautifull/handy/… => lets call this the trial and error build
  2. Recreate the entire network, OP by OP, at my own (slow) pace, in an intuitive way that allows me to clearly show and explain what is added/changed why… => lest call this the tutorial build
  3. Once the “toturial build” is done, i will hold ctrl+Z in order to undo the whole “tutorial build”
  4. Activate the “non-default parameters only” toggle and start recording a tutorial

Now i can just keep hitting ctrl+Y and the tutorial build will get rebuild step by step while i’m able to focus and explain what gets added/changed and why… ALSO a big advantage of this is that at the top of the interface I can also see the upcoming redo action so i can steer my explanation towards the next redo…

Save (or give the option to do so) all the undo/redo steps with the project file so that:

  1. I can record another take at a later stage after closing the project
  2. So that we can share project files including the build-process (via undo/redo) in order to allow other people opening the project to replay this build-process and learn about the flow.

Hope this makes sense. If not please let me know where i can clarify.
If someone already found some kind of way to do this, please also let me know :slight_smile:

Happy building!