Scalable and Vioso calibration TD integration

Hello guys,

I’m doing my research to complement projection solution with some kind of camera calibration solution. Don’t want to spend all my time on locations (which are less and less these days) to edge blend and calibrate.

So, I was talking (arguing actually :slight_smile: ) with sales reps of Vioso (I guess it would be the same with Scalable) about licensing and integration and perhaps someone can clarify me on this because it was utterly impossible to get any kind of sensible answer from this sales person.

The question is quite simple: can I render warped and blended media after calibration loaded in Vioso (or Scalable) TOP.

A lot of times, I need to calibrate quickly a small surface (let’s say curve) and put the warped and blended media in Brightsign in museums. The cost (and sense) of leaving a full blown TD media server is prohibitive as stability-wise too, way less troubles with brightsign for semi-permanent exhibitions where equipment and electrical distribution are mishandled :slight_smile:

The sales rep tried to tell me, that I need to buy every time a license and warp and blend simply cannot work without license. In this case, I don’t see the point using Touchdesigner at all with VIOSO (or Scalable) as they have their own desktop warping and blending capabilities.

Someone can clarify this question please?