Scale/pscale on copy SOP

Hi y’all!

I’m still pretty new to Touch, usually work in Houdini.

When copying geo to points in Houdini, I like to avoid slow copy stamping, so I’d usually have a pscale attribute on the points such that when the Copy SOP runs, a sphere being copied to them would get sized to the pscale point attribute per copy.

In my current Touch setup, I’m using an Add SOP to read in a tab delimited one point per line text file to create 1000 points, then plugging it into a Copy SOP copying sphere to the points. I have specific sphere radiii per point defined outside of Touch I’d like to use.

Is there any way to store those radii as a scale attribute on the points that the Copy SOP will respect, or should I do something like save the radii as a separate file, read into to a DAT, and index into it with a stamp expression between the sphere and input to the Copy SOP?

Nice technique @funfunfunfunfunmike - do you need actual SOPs for this, or could you use instances? Instancing is generally faster and GPU focused, and is better suited for this kind of workflow.

You might give this a look and see if there’s a technique in here that you could use:

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I’d recommend Matthew’s GPU suggestion for anything that is changing/cooking per frame, but if you are working with static geometry then the SOP -> SOP to DAT -> manipulate attributes in DAT tables -> DAT to SOP is very flexible.

In TouchDesigner the SOP to DAT is basically your Geometry Spreadsheet you have in Houdini.

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