Scene Changer: shared resources

I’m looking at using the sceneChanger to hopefully optimize my show and I wanted to know how to share resources like cameras or MIDI/audio ops? Do I just create a base and put everything in there that I’ll need to share then utilize select ops in each scene?

Yes that will work, any COMP can be used to store shared resources that the scenes can then simply grab. Just make sure you don’t add ‘TDscene’ tag to the COMP and it will not be included as a scene.

so I’ve been using the Scene changer for about 6 mos now and I’ve added a few things to one scene and now the CPU seems to average about 25 or 30 percent. Before it was around 20 percent. Granted, I am adding some effects and some chroma key shots. I’m checking every source to make sure its the same resolution, making sure all the viewers are off, preloading HAP videos when necessary… but nothing seems to help. is there a certain point where some projects just take a lot of CPU and they can’t be further optimized? I admit the project is large; it has overlays, videos, web components, MIDI connectivity, Audio outputs, ISF effects, custom built effects, so its a lot of stuff to optimize. If you have tips, let me know.

To add some context and specificity, I have a scene that just uses one cam, Nvidia background remover and then a background image.

But it seems like another scene still cooks? The other scene had 3 webcams and a lot of visual effects that utilize cache tops. How can I get other scenes to not cook unless the scene is active?

Which sceneChanger usually 2 scenes will always cook, the two that are being blended, or after the fade in, the current and the previous scene.

There could be a number of reasons your other scenes are cooking, like specific device OPs sometimes always cook, or you have a node set to always cook, or a Timer CHOP is running etc.

You can use the probe tool in the palette to see what is cooking exactly (Palette>tools>probe). If you identify them but don’t understand why they are cooking, post the specific case and we’ll try to see why.