screen space motion blur

hi there
with all that nice pbr, substance and other 3d rendering stuff, it would be so nice to get a decent motion blur in touchdesigner, see link below, there’s someone how implemented a white paper about ssmb into touchdesigner…
can we have that… please? maybe together with a lens-shader for dof effects?

best luca


+1 because these features could be more built-in but I want to let you know I’ve shared a screen-space motion blur example: … n_blur.toe
and a depth of field example: … elflow.toe

They take some customization but I wouldn’t be surprised if the example in the YouTube link you shared requires some too.

hi david
thank you very much!
you might laugh, i found your mb-example about 15 mins later, and now i have time to look at it!
very cool!
and yes, i would be very happy to get some intergrated post-fx sgaders and filter build into touch, well lets see!
anyway, thank you again
best luca