Script doesn't work in Clones. Only in Master Operator

Hello TouchDesigner people. I’ve got a problem with executing a python script inside clones.

myText = str(op("null1")[0,0])
x = list(myText)

This is supposed to take a word from one operator and transform it into a table of characters. It works well inside the master operator. However in the clones where the input word is different, it doesn’t select this word. It always takes a word from master operator. I visualised the situation in the image. It looks like the script takes a “null1” from the master operator but not from the base we are inside in. Any suggestion how to fix it? Thanks

Make your table1 DAT clone immune.

If you want to avoid clone immunity, then do it inside a script DAT

Thank you for your answer, but I don’t get it. Could you be more specific? I used the text DAT operator and called it “SCRIPT”. Maybe a bit confusing name. You mean that I should use a script DAT operator, yes? I have never used them and don’t know how to work with them.

Simplest is to try clone immunity

So you enable that flag on your table1 DAT (in the master). your clone should automatically update the flag automatically. table1 is now immune to cloning.

The script DAT is much more complex . You can find lots of examples in the op snippets.

I came back to the project and checked what the immunity flag is. Thank you. Unfortunately it is not as simply as that.

without looking at your toe file it’s gonna be impossible to debug