Seamless Generative Visuals [noise/particles/ etc ]on a Cube /3D

HI, I’d like to have visuals wrapped seamlessly around a cube

I saw this post

and the 3d noise does work and seamlessly wrap around the model,

but if I were to use other stuff like particles, or even Nvidia flex, is it possible?
I tried with the cube map, but there is always seams

Seamless Noise.toe (11.3 KB)

i can forgo one face, but have at least 5 faces seamless ?

grateful for any opinions :blush:

You will have to preapre your content accordingly. You sadly cannot expect TD to know what you are after.
With flex or similiar, you can simply render out a cubemap and feed this in to a texture.
Meaning, content needs to be 3D-Aware for it to be mappable to the cube. There is no “make seemless” feature.

Thank you for your reply :smile:

Is it possible for you to share the toe file, as I ran into some error replicating the cubemap material :pray: