"Select Folder" dialog opening in middle of show

While running a TouchDesigner project and saving the file, the “Select Folder” dialog box opens, asking me to select a folder. Ctrl-s brings this up automatically.
When running a show in performance or design mode, the same thing happens when the file is automatically backed up.

“Increment Filename on Save” is set to "On and Copy to Backup folder, but I would expect that TD knows where the backup folder is and shouldnt be prompting for it every time.

Why is this dialog box opening? I can’t find anything in preferences that would indicate why it is doing this.

System: Windows 11, TouchDesigner 2022.32660

Yeah that’s very strange. Definitely doesn’t happen to me. I suspect it’s something about the save location. Try other locations, maybe other computers? I can try it on mine if you want to send your toe file to ivan@derivative.ca just in case it has something to do with your network…

The file works as expected (but slower) on my powerbook. Sharing the file is a bit complicated, as it has proprietary patches in it, and is reading in a massive audio set. However, I wouldn’t expect the content volume to affect the save dialog status.

Sending you an email for the sanity check, thank you!

Okay I have some info for you.

One thing to watch when you have strange problems is the textport… there is often a script error. In this case, when I save I see that it’s complaining about something that happens in /createBox17/onProjectSave in the onProjectPostSave function.

So your network has a whole scripted process on post save. When I turn off that post save process with the toggle on the operator, I don’t get the folder dialog. So it’s somewhere in there. I didn’t dig through all the code to find where, but looks to me like it’s not a problem with TD save but rather some bug in the project post save Python. Also, as TD doesn’t do auto-saving, that must be scripted in there somewhere too, probably in that same createBox network.

If you find the spot where it’s happening and you still think there’s a bug, please post again. I have your file and will do further testing.