Select independant primitives after a trace SOP


I’m trying to split the geometry resulting of a traceSOP in the cleanest way possible.
I tried to use a carveSOP, but it impacts all the shapes at the same time (or don’t see any separation between them to use the “breakpoint” technic), unless I use a JoinSOP before, but then it becoms really messy with a lot of unnecessary lines.

I tried cropping the SOP with a clip (and it’s my best go so far) but it closes the shapes that it cuts, creating some unwanted line along the crop axis.

Is there a way to access the primitives created in a traceSOP individually?


Have you tried grouping out the primitives you want to use?
Most SOPs support a group parameter to limit which primitives are affected.

More info:


Hello @rob
Thanks for your answer, I indeed found a way to do what I wanted to with the Group SOP !

I’m just having a bit strange results in my case.
I’m having a setup with four laser projectors and wanted to separate my geometries to send it to different projectors.
My problem with my previous solution of using clips SOP was that it was “closing” the shapes where they were cut, creating an extra line. But the projection was really stable.

By separating with the Group SOP, I get finally get rid of the separation line (Hurray!), but the projectors start flickering as if they were given to many points to trace. Is it possible they are given extra points?

EDIT: Rubber duck debugging at work here! I’m just realizing that the problem is that to get rid of the selected primitives, I moved it out of the projection frame, but being in the SOP world, they still exist and the projector is trying to reach them, creating the flickering.

What would be the best way to select just a quarter of the primitives? Group the 3 other quarter with a Group SOP and use a delete? (I have no idea how to use this SOP, I’m just guessing by the name…)

Thanks for your help!


It’s all dependent on what you would like to do.
Your attempt sounds right. You can use the Delete SOP to remove primitives in various ways, including by groups that you setup earlier with a Group SOP.


Resample SOP lets you thin out polygon points.