Selective Null -> CHOP Execute vs Automatic Null -> CHOP Execute

I am wondering what might be better in terms of performance - Selective Null → CHOP Execute or Automatic Null → CHOP Execute? Lets say CHOP network (with single sample) is cooking on every frame and there is a Null at its end with CHOP Execute DAT watching for value change. My question is whether it is better to perform value checking in Null by setting it to selective mode, or is it better to keep Null at automatic mode and rather let CHOP Execute DAT watch for change every frame?
This seems to be quite hard to measure as Selective Null isn’t really cooking, but I guess it is still performing value checking in the background… Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think there will be that much difference in performance since your end point is the Null CHOP in both cases. Selective mode is best for reducing cooking for large downstream networks, and you’ve only got one CHOP downstream. Technically there is a short delay with Selective mode, the Null CHOP cooks first and then propagates downstream if there are changes. The downstream nodes may or may not cook in the same frame. For that reason I would just use Automatic.

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Thank you very much for explanation, that makes sense. :slight_smile: