Selective Null + Shadows + IO device bug


I have encountered strange bug that is somehow connected to Null CHOP with selective output, Light with shadows enabled and Video Device Out TOP. I have created sample scene that produces error and also recorded short session so you could see how it behaves.

When Null CHOP is configured to Always output data, problem goes away. When I cut and paste Video Device Out TOP back in, problem goes away until TD is restarted. When I hop trough the network problem might disappear on some outputs, while others might be still corrupted.

I am using latest Touchdesigner build (2019.17550) on Windows. IO device used in recorded session is Blackmagic Decklink Quad 2.

Thanks. (5.9 MB)
DEBUG.toe (7.77 KB)

I can see the issue. We’ll take a look.

Great, thanks :slight_smile: