SelectTOP -> TimeMachineTOP

Is there a reason why a SelectTOP (referencing a 3D texture) would not work with a TimeMachineTOP?

From my understanding, a SelectTOP is simply a reference to an existing memory location, so why does the TimeMachineTOP is not able to access and use it? (making sure that it is a 3D texture beforehand)

It would be useful because it would help better organize code (loading in one container, playing in another). If this were to work,Texture3D could be use as a way to cache frames from a video. I know it’s possible with CacheTOP and CacheSelectTOP, but strangely, it is way slower then Texture3D.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for the note, in the next build we post this will work better for Select TOP, Null TOP etc.

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