send command docs

Does this entire page refer to tscript methodology only ? … nd_Command

I know there are references to python methods elsewhere, but there’s no indication, on this page, that this is the case.
If so it really needs a bit of updating, to reduce confusion.

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All command and expression help is tscript only, commands and expressions do not exist in python.

Python help is found in the python class for each operator, or you can start at thePython Category page to look through the hierarchy.

So, let’s say you were using a MIDI Out DAT or OSC Out DAT and wanted to know how to send using python. You can get to this operator’s python help by clicking on the blue/yellow colored python help icon in its parameters, or by clicking the link to the python class for this OP on its normal OSC Out DAT help page. Either will take you to the help for the python class for this OP which is oscoutDAT_Class.

You’ll find the python way to .send() as the first method listed in those classes.

In summary, if the page title has “command” or “expression” in it, those are tscript help pages. Python help will have “Class” in the title.

gotcha. I understand now. The Python paradigm is slowly sinking in.

If I’m a neophyte and I do a search for ‘send’ on the wiki it doesn’t really point in that direction at all, but ‘send command’ is there, with no indication that it is t-script.
But I suppose if you are at the point where you are using a serial DAT you probably know enough about Python to realize this and would be here: … lDAT_Class

Aie!! I do see how you found that using search without other options from python showing up. We’ll see what is possible to fix that, perhaps embedding the pages with other metadata that search can use for like terms.

I do aprec your attention on this matter, and hope it doesn’t come across as ‘trivial’. I am amazed at the amount of work/feedback you guys produce and hope not to be a ‘fly in the ointment’. So if I am irritating , plse let me know!

Don’t be silly, its not trivial issue for usability (it might not be trivial to fix either :confused: ) and thanks for the feedback!