Send OSC message from touch designer to trigger event on Pi

I’m very new to touchdesigner. I was trying to set up a button to trigger an osc message that would then trigger a playlist to start on a falcon pi player(FPP), which is an OS for the pi that plays media like pixel lights, audio, etc. There is a basic OSC plugin for FPP, and I’ve used touchosc to trigger playlists. Obviously touchosc has specific messages that it sends from buttons, and I can copy and paste those message commands into the field on FPP for the specific event i wish to trigger. I’m just trying to build a touchdesigner interface that can send messages to trigger playlists with buttons like touchosc. I can’t seem to find any tutorials for what i’m trying to do specifically. I need to somehow create a message to send from touchdesigner which i can then specify in fpp. Anyone have any advice on how to get this to work?

Have you looked at how to use OSC with other apps?

This might help you figure it out: