Sensel Morph Raw Output CHOP for Touchdesigner - 2020-03-25 00:56

Sensel Morph Raw Output CHOP for Touchdesigner

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Hi, thanks for compiling this! I just installed the latest firmware update to the Sensel and opened your SenselPlugin.toe file
My framerate dropped to 24 fps and I didn’t get any output from the SenselMorphRaw Chop. Have you been working with the Sensel in Touch since you posted this? Any tips on how to get this working?

Thank you!

Ah my mistake. I hadn’t pulsed the CHOP.
It’s working now!

@mouren hi there
Thanks so much for the project, very useful.

Do you still use it? On the latest TD versions custom CHOP is causing TD to hang, wonder if you encountered that.


I have just uploaded a new dll last night. It’s compiled with the 2022 Touchdesigner API. Give it a shot, it’s working on my computer. Do remember to pulse the Detect Sensel button. I am going to try and figure out why it sometimes drop frames like crazy in the next day or two.

Yah, it’s a weird issue. I am going to try and fix it. Sorry, I just saw your post now. There is a new DLL on my github now, compiled to the latest 2022 Touchdesigner api.

This problem has been fixed. It’s a bug in the senselAPI. I made a work around.