Sensor distance

Hello everybody,
i need to mesure the high and the movement of a pipe in theatre, (20m) to match a video mask on the movment.
witch type / brand of sensor are usable with touch?

Thanks a lot



I’ve used rotary encoders for this purpose multiple times in the past. They come in various types with different resolutions and can use many different types of signals but typically incremental quadrature encoders mechanically coupled directly onto the load (probably a cable drum or sheave in your case) is the most reliable/economical solution. There are also draw wire encoders available which would be much simpler to install but for the travel of a typical theatre pipe they will be very expensive…

You will then need to convert the quadrature signals into something TD can understand. I’ve designed my own converter for this purpose based on a Raspberry Pi. It converts the quadrature encoder signals into OSC which can then be routed over a network and used in TD to do what you please. The converter also allows you to offset, invert, rescale the values and chose your preferred refresh rate up to around 240Hz. The conversion is nearly instantaneous (<1 frame at 60Hz).

I’ve also used single point LIDAR range finding for short distances when cables or direct contact with the moving load are impossible. Less reliable and precise than wired encoders though.