Sequence Parameter Blocks Ignore Cloning

I’ve been loving the addition of sequential parameters, and keep finding great uses for them. One issue that I keep running into is the effect that cloning a component with sequential parameters has. In as far as cloning a component from its clone master will give that component the same parameters as the clone master, this means that any additional sequence blocks without an equivalent block in the clone master will be deleted. What would be great would be if sequence parameter blocks were left alone in the same way that the parameter values get left alone (or perhaps if this behavior was a unique setting for a sequence parameter that could be toggled on).

As an example, let’s say I’m building a cue state controller. I have a template component for a “cue” which is set up with a number of sequence parameters, each of which has blocks that allow you to create and configure any number of trigger actions for video content, lighting, audio, etc. Let’s say I’ve created a bunch of copies of that template and have programmed in multiple cue triggers for each cue component using these sequential parameters.

The issue arises if I then make some changes to the template component (clone master) and then wish to clone the rest of the components to apply those changes. Whereas each copy that is cloning from the template has been modified to add more sequence blocks for multiple triggers, the template component only has one sequence block, so any blocks other than the first one get deleted on cloning.

What makes matters worse is that since cloning does not create an undo block, this has the potential to wipe out unsaved work in an unrecoverable way (this happened to me the first time I encountered this)

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Hi @ejgannon,

thank you for this explanation - something we are actively looking at.


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