Sequencer CHOP missing Non-Commercial License?

Hey guys,

Just evaluating touchDesigner and i noticed that the latest Non-Commercial license of the program doesn’t seem to include the Sequencer CHOP. Is that something that gets included in the Commercial or Pro versions of the software?

I’m attempting to string together a sequence of movie files that have alpha channels as a track matte between videos, so they need to overlap, and can’t just be using a switch node. Is there an efficient way of doing that besides just using a composite node? I feel like it would leave the previous video file cooking in the background not being used. I feel like the Sequencer CHOP would help me out here but it seems like it isn’t included.

Hi, very sorry we did not make this clear: The Sequencer CHOP is replaced by the Timer CHOP in all TouchDesigner versions.

We did not announce Sequencer was replaced in the Release Notes, nor in the Sequencer CHOP wiki page did we state the Time CHOP replaces it. Apologies. Both places have been edited to refer to Timer CHOP and its many examples in the OP Snippets.

Specifically, the OP Snippets example, under the Timer CHOP, named README_movie_sequencer, cross-fades between movie pairs, and can be adapted by adding a third Timer CHOP that manages the timing and file of the matte. Maybe you can adapt the 2 Timer CHOPs that are there. The example currently just adds 2 cross-faded images.

You will have to put your own movies to replace the Folder DAT.