Serial dat in touchdesigner doesnt see arduino connected to serial port on mac

I’ve done the How To Use TOUCHDESIGNER & ARDUINO Together - tutorial from PG Lupio which is great. everything worked well. When I tried again the Serial dat keeps giving me a message that it ‘Couldn’t connect to device’ ( see attached screen shot) all the ports are selected to the same one but it still doesn’t find it. Really frustrating as it worked then didnt second day. You can see data from the ultrasonic sensor is working fine but TD is not finding it. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong?

I had the same issue and I solved it by closing the Arduino IDE.

I was facing the same issue, two things I checked, one is the port, declare which port and second most important was to close the serial monitor where I was checking the print lines. Closing the serial monitor on arduino IDE did the trick for me and now I can receive data in touch designer from arduino

Thanks for your thoughts.
The serial monitor did seem to be the issue.

Hi, I faced the same problem.
I finally could solve it by closing the Arduino IDE.
It took me several hours to figure it out so thank you!!